This is my book. I decided to post it on here for free for all of the people on this site. Please pass it along. I hope you enjoy.

Thank you, Zachary and Kamryn, for always being brutally honest and giving me advice on my work. Thank you, mom, for always encouraging me to do better. Special thank you to my parents and grandparents for being patient with me. Thank you to my entire family for never giving up on me. This book wouldn’t be here without your support.
Thank you to the ex who inspired me to write this book…

I went to the dermatologist about two months ago for a mole I thought looked strange. I wasn’t even going to make an appointment because I assumed I was just being paranoid. I ended up making the appointment and once I was there, my dermatologist (Dr. Viola) found another mole she was suspicious of. She decided to cut both of the moles off and send them in. They both came back precancerous. I then had to make another appointment to get them dug into to make sure she got all of the atypical cells out. Luckily, after a few stitches…

I have separation anxiety from my mom. It’s actually more embarrassing than anything. I, at 23 years-old, have to be chaperoned and if I’m not, I go into full panic.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with separation anxiety, it’s when you get anxious from separating from anything that makes you feel safe.

Photo by Aditya Romansa on Unsplash

Being that I am 23 and have severe separation anxiety, I am far from a “normal” 23 year-old. I had to stop going to a public high school and finish my last two years online. But, I did graduate on-time. I haven’t had a job since…

Ladies and gents (because we know you exist), it is so important that you don’t spend hours a day on Instagram, or any other source, comparing yourself to other people. What you’re doing without realizing it is creating a toxic relationship with yourself, as well as high expectations to what you should be living up to. Whether you want someone else's mindset, someone else’s body, or someone else’s life, it isn’t okay to be spending your time checking up on people. Even if they aren’t a celebrity.

Wanting better for yourself is one thing, but you cannot belittle yourself for…

Alexus Ruckle

I’m a mother to a pomsky, a fan of The Office, and my favorite season is fall.

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